Lockheed Martin Ottawa Tournament

The team competed in the its first event of the season this past week, the Lockheed Martin Ontario Qualifying Event in Ottawa. A little distance away, the team made the six hour drive the night before, staying in a hotel overnight before waking up early the next day to compete against teams from both the local area and from even as far away as Sault Ste. Marie.

Our day started slowly, with inspection and practice rounds lasting until 10:00. We had a strong standing in the qualifications rounds, finishing 6-1-1, with a loss against 356B, who later become the tournament champions and a tie against a pair of sister teams from Ottawa. We went into the alliance selection seeded 3rd, and teamed up with 356A, DWWGI from Brampton and 3314B, Beta Pi from Richmond Hill.

In the elimination rounds, we soared through the quarter-finals with a 2-0 sweep, despite some technical difficulties experienced by our alliance partners. Unfortunately these issues only increased in severity and due to a combination of both the aforementioned technical issues and a broken limit switch getting stuck in our drive train, we lost the semi-finals 0-2.

A disappointing finish to an otherwise highly successful day, but overall we are very happy with our performance and have learnt a lot from this first competition. The team is planning their rebuild to finish in time for their next tournament in Newmarket on January 14th in the new year!

A big thank you to our sponsors for all their support, The Forge @ McMaster Innovation Park, McMaster Innovation Park and of course our Title Sponsor McMaster University.